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About Ultra CIS

Ultra Electronics Communication and Integrated Systems produce market-leading secure communication systems, intelligence gathering and situational awareness technology for the world’s most challenging environments, from Mt Everest to the Sahara desert.

We engineer innovative solutions to make communication possible where it has never been before. Our clients rest assured that with Ultra CIS, they have the most secure communication the world has to offer no matter where they operate.

From electronic warfare to information assurance, we engineer products not only to be future-proof, but also to be compatible with legacy technology. Whether it is a solution for a Typhoon fighter jet or an oil and gas platform, our products are mindful of the past but geared towards the future; protecting your investment.

Ultra CIS is part of the Ultra Electronics group, a world leader in the Defence & Aerospace, Security & Cyber, Transport and Energy markets with a turnover of over £785 million.


The Ultra Group Sectors 

Defence and aerospace

Defence & Aerospace

Ultra operates mainly, but not solely, in defence, with particular expertise in the maritime and C3 (Command, Communications & Control) domains, focusing on providing mission specific, bespoke solutions to navies and armies worldwide.

Elsewhere, our aerospace capabilities span across both military and civil platforms, where we provide high integrity mission-critical products and systems for the most challenging aircraft requirements.

Security & cyber

Security & Cyber

Across the security and cyber domains, Ultra’s specialist C2 (Command & Control), surveillance, forensic and data intercept capabilities support customers around the world in making informed and timely decisions. Ultra’s capabilities also include contingency planning tools and incident management systems for first responders. We supply secure communication equipment and systems that enable accurate and timely exchange of voice, video and data to military, government, law enforcement agency, industry and commercial customers.

Energy and Safety-Regulated Commercial

Energy and Safety-Regulated Commercial

We are an international provider and integrator of critical systems and software to operate, optimise and secure both today and tomorrow’s energy and safety-regulated commercial systems. With integration capability and domain expertise at both technology and programme levels, we deliver control of the systems and data that drive operational efficiency and business value.

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