Cryptographic Key Management: Load Balancer

The Keyper Load Balancer shares the creation and distribution of keys between HSM units, analysing workload and issuing tasks to where they can most efficiently be completed. This results in quicker and more effective key generation and distribution than ever before.

Should a disaster strike, Load Balancer gives you one less thing to worry about. If one location were to be disrupted, Load Balancer automatically redistributes the workload with no interruption to service or disturbance to users.

The Keyper Load Balancer is a highly flexible piece of software that sits between the Keyper Hardware Security Module (HSM) and its Providers (PKCS#11, Microsoft CAPI/CNG Providers). It allows:

Scalability - Aggregated performance of multiple HSMs acting in parallel 
Resilience - Active - active high availability HSM configurations
Automatic Key Backup - key replication over a secured channel
Geographic DR - Architectures supporting service continuity 

All of these services are transparent to the Application and the Provider, without either being ‘aware’ that any of these services are being performed. Up to 16 Keyper HSMs can be handled, appearing as one logical HSM to the application accessing those HSMs via an AEP Provider. 

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