Video Data Link

An eye into the storm

Video Data Links  

A picture speaks a thousand words and a crystal clear image is paramount for an informed decision. Ultra’s Video Data Link (VDL) is unparalleled in its provision of video data transmission in hostile environments around the world.

Currently flying on the UK RAF’s Typhoon and Tornado aircraft in the Litening targeting pod, the effectiveness of Ultra’s VDL is indisputable with over 100,000 hours of operational service. Building on the VDL’s unrivalled success, Ultra has developed the next digital generation of the technology.

An Ultra innovation, the digital Video Data Link (dVDL) is the first of its kind to be AES256 encrypted and approved for use in Rafael Litening Pods. Designed for all current and future versions of the Litening pod, installation takes a matter of minutes and it is fully compatible with L3’s ROVER™. As the dVDL has been developed to remain aligned with evolving NATO standards, it is future proof.

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