With flying colours

High Integrity Data Link (HIDL™)  

Remotely controlled planes soaring above the clouds are what childhood dreams are made of. Ultra CIS HIDL™ technology surpasses even the imagination, enabling UAVs to securely go further than ever before.

Uniquely with HIDL™, the UK Watchkeeper UAV can travel over 140km line of sight with one operator maintaining full control. This is the equivalent of flying a vehicle larger than a car from London to Coventry, or New York to Philadelphia remotely – all without leaving your seat. Should 140km not be enough, HIDL™ can go even further with relay and networking.

Not only is HIDL™ unique in the distance it enables UAVs to travel, but also the security it provides. Operating on its own exceptional waveform, HIDL™ is anti-jam, making it almost impossible to detect and intercept. HIDL™ was deemed so secure that it was selected for the UK Fire Shadow Loitering Munition Programme with no further encryption layer required. The highly advanced HIDL™ even offers the option to operate Command and Control whilst streaming other data within one secure IP ‘pipe’.

National and coalition encryption are also available, ensuring the versatile HIDL™ provides comprehensive data security.

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