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Radar Target Generator and Electronic Counter Measures Simulator  

To accurately mimic its environment, first, a chameleon must have a faultless understanding of its surroundings. Ultra EWST’s ground-breaking Chameleon, a radar target generator and ECM simulator, provides the most multidimensional view of the target available in the market.

The Chameleon has a 5th generation DRFM (Digital RF Memory) technology which provides ground-breaking clarity through its use of up to 24 truly independent multiple scatterers, a colossal advancement on the industry standard. This results in a much improved interpretation of the target and as a result, a much improved ability to mimic their return signal.

The unit is fully programmable and with an enhanced 1.2GHz of instantaneous bandwidth and is compatible with all of the latest radar technology. Chameleon provides real-time, high performance signal generation and boasts features such as 3D radar target modelling with true multi-point scatterers.

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