More than meets the eye

Portable Threat Simulator (PTS) 

The human eye is only capable of seeing three channels – red, green and blue. Ultra EWST’s ground-breaking Multi Spectral Test Set, the PTS 8000, operates in channels beyond human visibility merely with a handheld device, enabling flight technicians to comprehensively check the operational status of platform defensive aid systems.

 Threats to an aircraft come in all shapes and sizes and can vary in which channel they utilise. The PTS family of simulators provides flexibility, with the ability to test in radar, UV and laser channels. The PTS 8000 is handheld and weighs only 5kg, making it small enough and light enough to take up half of a carry-on suitcase. Its true portability enables testing minutes before take-off, a crucial step for protecting both pilots and aircraft worldwide.

With modularity a key feature of all EWST products, customers can grow their testing capability naturally and in a cost effective manner, with no extra expense for unnecessary but fixed product features. Should customer requirements evolve, the PTS 8000 can easily be upgraded with no need to return to EWST.

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