Military Crypto

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Military Crypto 

At £10,000 per square meter of steel, every centimetre in a Type 45 destroyer is precious. Whether it is for a destroyer, submarine, fighter jet or land vehicle, Ultra CIS provides the latest in high grade, on-platform cryptography whilst ensuring not one centimetre of space is wasted.

Offering both legacy and future modes of working, Ultra’s range of form-fit cryptographic products are trusted by governments worldwide to protect sensitive military information, including the Ultra C3 for the UK MOD. Ultra’s products are uniquely engineered as a form-fit replacement for on-platform crypto, enabling quick integration without costly platform modifications. Designed to be future proof, the software definable technology enables it to be upgraded anywhere, anytime.

At the forefront of innovation, Ultra’s range of cryptographic products are designed and built in the UK and are therefore free from ITAR restrictions. Permitted to protect the highest classification of data in the UK, the fully programmable technology also allows adaptation for international interoperability standards.

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