Ultra CIS’ electronic warfare simulation technology (EWST) business specialises in market-leading, multi-spectral threat and countermeasure simulators that are designed to strengthen naval, air force, army and the defence industry’s electronic warfare testing, evaluation and training.


Effective electronic warfare training is becoming increasingly critical amid the demands of today’s operations. Equipping operators with the skills and understanding they need to successfully identify threats and take the appropriate evasive action, whatever the threat or scenario, is crucial to ensuring the success of missions whilst ensuring platform survivability and protecting people, nations and assets.

Established in 1984, Ultra EWST’s long-standing success is due to its highly innovative and effective training capabilities, combined with the highest standards in ongoing customer support. EWST makes a long-term commitment to its customers and continually optimises its capabilities to keep pace with the ever-evolving requirements and dynamics of modern warfare. Designed to be future-proof, EWST’s products benefit from a modular design that can be easily updated as operational requirements change, ensuring they remain a cost-effective solution over the long term.  

Operating in the UK, Ultra EWST is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and is built upon a strong network of customers worldwide including military end-users, government research organisations and electronic warfare prime contractors.

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