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When nations take delivery of a new platform be this either ships, submarines or aircraft there is a requirement to determine the operational performance which often necessitates the need to visit a dedicated EW range, incurring substantial costs and requiring complex logistical arrangements. Additionally, once the platform enters service, aircrews and ships personnel have a constant need for training against threats they are likely to encounter and to practise their tactics and doctrine. Having a mobile asset that can recreate these threats without actually putting personnel and platforms in harm’s way becomes a very cost-effective training tool, ensuring operators have the training they need to carry out operations safely whilst also minimising the cost and logistical challenges incurred through using a fixed EW range facility.


Effective electronic warfare (EW) relies on creating a careful balance between a complicated mix of signals, data and critical decisions. A critical part of the successful deployment of EW technologies in the field is not only the operator’s ability to apply the technology to best effect, understand the situation and react accordingly, but also to have absolute assurance that the technology is accurate and effective. This is where simulation and testing come into the fore in providing front line operators with all of the tools and information they need to safely carry out their operations whilst protecting the safety of their people and assets.

Ultra EWST’s MERTS offers the latest ground-breaking technology in electronic warfare and radar testing, in a fully mobile solution. MERTS can include the radar threat simulator (RSS8000CP or P), ECM/radar target simulator (Chameleon) or a complete system including both technologies. Housed in an air-conditioned ISO container, MERTS enables full testing and evaluation of radar and EW systems and can provide operator training in almost any environment.  

Fitted with a full transmitter and antenna system, MERTS features a TV camera pointing and tracking facility as standard with optional IR Camera, GPS tracking and blind tracking from external radar inputs.

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Mobile EW and Radar Test System MERTS
Mobile EW and Radar Test System MERTS Image

MERTS (Mobile EW and Radar Test System) provides a fully mobile, turnkey Test & Evaluation capability for field applications and can include both the Chameleon and RSS8000 systems integrated into one operational unit.

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