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The effective testing of radar and training operators in object detection and recognition is an essential component to the successful application of electronic warfare. With today’s mission requirements, the ability to know and understand more information about increasingly smaller and challenging radar targets or a target environments means that effective testing and training is essential to keeping personnel safe whilst providing them with the capabilities to successfully carry out their missions.


Portable testing and simulation technologies help evaluate radar detection and tracking capabilities whilst reducing the need for expensive full-system testing. The capability provides operators with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully identify and mitigate threats without creating significant disruption and delays to missions and schedules.

Testing aircraft or ships can prove taxing for those responsible; the ability to move the platform to the usually immovable testing facility is often draining on resources and funds. Ultra EWST’s Portable Radar Simulator is a cost-effective and simple solution because its compact design enables vehicle transportation to the system under test.

Available in two models, the PRS features either a single threat transmission utilising EWST’s PTS8000 technology or multi-threat transmission from the RSS8000 CP’s technology. Both systems include a Portable Antenna System, 100W Amplifier module and integrated platform tracking using a HD video camera.

Modularity is a key feature of all EWST products, customers can grow their testing capability naturally and in a cost-effective manner with no extra expense for unnecessary but fixed product features.

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Portable Radar Simulator capabilities & products

Portable Radar Simulator - PRS
Portable Radar Simulator - PRS Image

The PRS provides a cost-effective, transportable alternative test and training solution for helicopters, ships and low & slow transport aircraft applications. The PRS is available in 2 variants depending on level of test complexity desired.

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