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Radar systems are used in various applications and serve unique needs, and radar signal generation and processing techniques are growing ever more advanced. These advances are being driven by the need to improve resolution and the ability to detect targets particularly when they are very close together. Test, measurement and verification of radar are necessary to ensure they are both functioning to specification and meeting customer requirements. Extensive field tests are often used to test an entire radar system however, this is both costly and requires a great deal of time. To reduce test complexity and cost, the radar target generation becomes more and more important.


Ultra EWST’s ground-breaking Chameleon, a radar target generator and ECM simulator, provides the most multidimensional view of the target available in the market.

The Chameleon employs 5th generation DRFM (Digital RF Memory) technology which provides ground-breaking clarity through its use of up to 24 truly independent multiple scatterers, greatly advancing the industry standard. This results in a much improved interpretation of the target and as a result, a much improved ability to mimic their return signal.

The unit is fully programmable and with an enhanced 1.2GHz of instantaneous bandwidth and is compatible with all of the latest radar technology. Chameleon provides real-time, high performance signal generation and boasts features such as 3D radar target modelling with true multi-point scatterers.

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Radar Target Generation capabilities & products

Radar Target and ECM Simulator - Chameleon
Radar Target and ECM Simulator - Chameleon Image

CHAMELEON provides a complete solution for radar target generation and ECM signal generation in one package. Using a multiple channels, multi-DRFM architecture, Chameleon is able to simultaneously generate complex radar targets together with jamming signals.

The simulator features 3D radar target modelling with true multi-point scatterers, clutter, and ECM signal generation using a full software GUI running under Windows. With its PowerPC technology, CHAMELEON provides real-time, high performance signal generation with the ability to create your own synthesised RF outputs using a unique DRFM READ/WRITE interface facility.

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