Portable Antenna Solutions: Manpacks and MicroVSAT Terminal

GigaSat’s manpacks are specially designed for use in high-pressure environments where reliable access to secure communications is critical to protecting the safety of soldiers and assets as they carry out their missions. 

Ultra’s MicroVSAT family are market leading in their ability to be carried as airline checkable luggage. With a flat panel or conventional antenna and manual satellite acquisition, the MicroVSAT family are ideal for emergency telecommunication services and front line military use.

Compact enough to fit into one box and be carried by one person, GigaSat’s FA-100 Manpack is constructed with Formula 1 grade carbon fibre, ensuring the weight can be kept under the standard 20kgs baggage allowance. Specifically designed for worldwide missions where mobility and rapid deployment are essential, the rugged FA-100 can be effortlessly put together in under five minutes by one person, ensuring the operator has easy access to communications without impacting their ability to carry out their mission.

Download FA-100 Manpack Datasheet

Download MicroVSAT Datasheet