Operational requirements of today mean that troops are required to deploy to a variety of environments where access to satellite coverage and power is not guaranteed. Reliable, secure communications is a vital component of operations and is essential not only to the success of missions, but also to protecting soldiers’ safety.


Troposcatter communications systems allow troops to establish a communications capability in the field of operation in areas where there is no access to a trusted source of satellite communications coverage, facilitating mission-critical communications between soldiers in the field and command and control.

GigaSat’s troposcatter terminal has been designed to operate in a multitude of environments, ensuring that troops conducting missions anywhere in the world have access to a reliable communications system. The terminals have the unique ability to be installed and aligned within one hour, delivering the fastest transportable operational communications solution available today.

GigaSat has undergone rigorous design, testing and development in bringing its troposcatter solution to market, ensuring it can be deployed to any field of operation, easily assembled with no requirement for additional components, and quickly establish a secure communications function. The system has been optimised for transportability, weight and size, maximising the range of transport platforms that can deploy the terminal to site whilst not placing additional demands on the operation. Once installed and aligned, the terminal provides a stable platform to receive data, even under harsh conditions in severe environments.

In addition to battlefield use, troposcatter systems can be utilised in crisis response scenarios where establishing reliable communications could present a significant logistical challenge after a natural disaster. By deploying a troposcatter system, responders can establish networks without the requirement for power or satellite coverage, ensuring emergency rescue efforts can be quickly coordinated.

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