Bank on CryptoSec

Hardware Security Module

9999 – it’s a big number. Should it appear in a personal bank it would make a difference, much more so if it were the number of cryptographic keys a bank or financial services company could store.

CryptoSec is a Hardware Security Module, or HSM, especially designed for the banking and finance industry, providing the power needed to tackle multiple currencies and high transaction rates, whilst maintaining processing speed.

With its market-leading emulation capabilities, CryptoSec gives banks newfound flexibility: the opportunity to migrate to a more powerful and flexible RealSec unit without redesigning the network. Unlike other HSMs, CryptoSec stores up to 9999 cryptographic keys on one unit, meaning that it’s not necessary to buy a new HSM every time you exceed the 20-key limit of other systems. It is the only option for the money-savvy.

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