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Data links are the backbone of any modern armed service, supporting communication between individual soldiers and units up to an entire deployed force or during allied joint operations at the highest level of complexity. Real-time and precise information in the battlefield is key to success, but critical to this is the ability to reliably communicate this information between platforms and domains, enhancing situational awareness whilst also not compromising the integrity or security of the information.


Ultra’s family of data link solutions deliver proven situational awareness across the air, sea and land domains. As a leading supplier of data link solutions, Ultra systems can be found on helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned aircraft, surface ships and jet trainers around the world, supporting data link communications. Fully approved for use by the UK authorities and across NATO, Ultra’s family of products can be adapted for global operating standards, thanks to their modular capability.

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Data links capabilities & products

dVDL Image

dVDL is a secure, digital, ROVER compatible data link for the Litening pod family of targeting pods. The system provides the capability to securely transmit and receive Litening pod imagery/data to ROVER video terminals. This is especially critical during Close Air Support missions, Special Forces missions and a wide variety of other situational awareness tasks. Available as either a downlink only or optionally as a transceiver, dVDL is AES256 encrypted and is compatible with all variants of the widely used ROVER ground receive video units.

HIDL Image

Ultra’s High Integrity Data Link (HIDL™) is a data-agnostic, ITAR-free fully configurable covert data link. Its unique LPI / LPD and anti-jam waveform properties provide inherent TRANSEC and are field-proven in contested GPS-denied environments, providing the basis of STANAG 4660. HIDL is used for the secure command and control of multiple UAS’, has provided C2 and Full Motion Video on a loitering munition platform and is also used to provide  synthetic data to multiple training aircraft simultaneously.

HIDL is proven on jet trainers and Watchkeeper, with an optional high-grade COMSEC overlay.