Military Grade Encryption



Safeguarding mission-critical information that protects people, platforms and intelligence is of paramount importance in today’s operating environment. The consequences of information falling into the wrong hands could be catastrophic, even threatening to life – potentially on a large scale.


Offering both legacy and future modes of working, Ultra’s range of form-fit cryptographic products are trusted by governments worldwide to protect sensitive military information, including the Ultra C3 for the UK MOD. Ultra’s products are uniquely engineered as a form-fit replacement for on-platform crypto, enabling quick integration without costly platform modifications. Designed to be future proof, the software definable technology enables it to be upgraded anywhere, anytime.

At the forefront of innovation, Ultra’s range of cryptographic products are designed and built in the UK and are therefore free from ITAR restrictions. Permitted to protect the highest classification of data in the UK, the fully programmable technology also allows adaptation for international interoperability standards.

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Military Grade Encryption capabilities & products

Ultra Common Core Crypto (C3)
Ultra Common Core Crypto (C3) Image

Ultra’s Common Core Crypto (C3) module is a multi-purpose, field reprogrammable cryptographic device for deployment in the toughest of military environments. The C3 provides the certified COMSEC boundary that can be deployed in a wide range of varied deployments.

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