Satellite Earth Stations


An industry leader in mobile and flyaway satellite earth stations, GigaSat – part of Ultra Electronics CIS - creates products to take on the harshest environments in the world, from the Sahara to Mt Everest.

All products are manufactured exclusively at GigaSat’s UK factory, dramatically reducing production time from an industry standard of months to a matter of several weeks. The stringent in-house production has also enabled GigaSat to receive the highest certifications of MIL-STD-810 and WGS.

No stranger to innovation, GigaSat is a pioneer in the industry and has engineered world firsts from the smallest of earth stations to the largest. A common theme throughout GigaSat’s range of products is that they are predominantly class leading in size, weight and performance.

GigaSat is renowned worldwide for a high quality of service, resulting in an impressive customer list including many of the world’s militaries, the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera.

Offering much more than off-the-shelf products, GigaSat can utilise industry leading know-how to deliver bespoke projects, with the ability to integrate solutions anywhere in the world.

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