Special Projects

The special treatment

Special Projects 

With no other satellite earth station manufacturer offering as much or as wide a breadth of expertise, GigaSat is primed to tackle individual challenges and engineer unique solutions, both mobile and fixed.

Highly experienced in creating bespoke solutions and integrating systems, GigaSat is able to count the BBC and Formula 1 amongst its worldwide consumers. Whatever the size of antenna - from under 1m to over 13m – and wherever in the world it may be, GigaSat’s specialised team of engineers and technicians offer installation, integration and adaptation to local conditions.

Design, production and testing are all kept exclusively in-house at GigaSat’s UK factory, dramatically reducing product lead times from an industry standard of months, to a matter of weeks. GigaSat can even assist with the antenna registration process, as we work closely with satellite operators to qualify our products.

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