Situational Awareness Management System (SAMS)

An effective surveillance and security system will generate hundreds of data streams with wildly diverse outputs from video to radar tracks. An Ultra innovation, SSS’s SAMS, collates and translates this wealth of data into an actionable format, equipping decision makers at all levels and in multiple locations with the full picture in real-time.

With no other surveillance system offering as much functionality per pound, SAMS is unique for each and every application and is a perfect fit for the minute and the mammoth. SAMS boasts a range of features including:

  • Sensor integration, control & management
  • Automatic radar tracker processing
  • Sensor track data correlation & fusion
  • Data presentation (geo-referenced chart presentation, video & video wall)
  • System configuration
  • Data recording & replay
  • Data partitioning & user access rights
  • System health monitoring
  • Security response

SAMS is yet to meet a sensor it cannot effectively operate, however it typically utilises a range of radar, electro optic, ground, vibration, magnetic, underwater (sonar) sensors.

Ultra SSS has extensive experience providing front line troops with equipment and systems which have been utilised across NATO for Forward Operating Base protection. Also hugely successful in commercial applications, Ultra SSS customers include BP and Shell.

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