Ultra Opus


With an ever-increasing emphasis placed upon the ability of armed forces to conduct multilateral training and operations with partner nation forces around the world, the ability to interoperate between platforms and domains has never been more critical. Mission requirements today and in the future mean that constructing an infrastructure to support unimpeded, secure communications is critical to the success of any military force, regardless of the mission, operational structure or environment. To ensure seamless, secure communication, technologies must be comprehensive and interoperable with each other across multiple nations, forces and platforms, as well as with legacy systems.


Ultra’s Opus provides a secure communications capability across the battlespace, giving forces the ability to share the mission-critical intelligence that will ensure not only the success of their operations, but also the protection of their people, platforms, intelligence and data. Specifically designed to deliver a bespoke and scalable configuration tailored to the exact needs of the customer and the mission requirements, Opus has been developed to fill communications capability and integration gaps and facilitate full interoperability across various domains and platforms.

Ultra’s engineers and in-service support teams directly support the customer through knowledge and technology transfer, providing them with the capability and understanding to safely store, communicate and share their data whilst minimising the risk of a compromise that could have potentially catastrophic effects. Ultra’s long-term partnership with customers provides an in-depth understanding of operational needs as they evolve, facilitating the continual innovation and technological enhancements that drive the utmost standards in security.

Ultra Opus capabilities & products

Layer of security – Encryption, Key Generation, Management and Distribution
Layer of security – Encryption, Key Generation, Management and Distribution Image
  • Fully integrated, configurable and certified security solutions across military applications to safeguard critical information

  • Sovereign key generation, distribution and management

  • National and coalition encryption, multiple crypto types and layers

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Situational Awareness and Data Fusion
Situational Awareness and Data Fusion Image
  • Certified, reliable, robust tactical datalink forwarding and C2 capabilities

  • Heightened situational awareness through real-time encrypted communication of critical data and information

  • Multi-domain, multi-platform and multi-form datalinks

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Network Communications
Network Communications Image
  • Proven, secure, low latency video, Command and Control, tactical, voice and IP network communications solutions for both Line of Sight and Beyond Line of Sight (BLoS) communications

  • Secure, efficient, data-agnostic, bi or uni-directional communications between manned and unmanned platforms, missiles, air to air, and air to ground

  • NATO and non-NATO, non-ITAR technologies

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BLoS Communications
BLoS Communications Image
  • Extended, secure communications technologies for BLoS operational requirements

  • Facilitating reliable communications that meet operational requirements, even in challenging environments

  • Keeping people and assets out of target areas and hazardous environments

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Unmanned / Manned Teaming
Unmanned / Manned Teaming Image
  • Extended reconnaissance

  • Subset of network communications with unmanned platforms

  • Low-latency teaming capability to support UAV swarming

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Extended Surveillance
Extended Surveillance Image
  • Extending multi-platform, multi-domain data networks

  • Communications relays and tactical datalink gateways

  • Enhanced situational awareness

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Backhaul and Mesh Networks
Backhaul and Mesh Networks Image
  • Ad-hoc networking

  • Multichannel, multiband, point-to-point (PTP), point-to-multipoint (PMP) and mesh capabilities

  • High capacity, high volume backhaul comms, multi-frequency and multi-band solutions

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Base and Perimeter Surveillance
Base and Perimeter Surveillance Image
  • Integrated secure networks, communications, video surveillance and automated deterrents

  • Maximising protection and security

  • Shielding critical infrastructure, communications and data against cyber attacks

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Supporting, Sustainable, National and Interoperable Solutions
Supporting, Sustainable, National and Interoperable Solutions Image
  • Long-term maintenance

  • Through-life in-service support and continual capability enhancement

  • Sustained, future-proof investments, knowledge, capabilities and expertise

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