Radio Telemetry

Fight fire with data

Radio Telemetry 

Our fire services risk their lives daily to protect us, but they need protecting too. Ultra’s radio telemetry provides critical bio data monitoring ensuring their safety in potentially lethal environments.

Ultra CIS offers a wide range of real time telemetry links across commercial and critical national infrastructure sectors, including electricity, water and rail transportation. Ultra telemetry links have proven themselves invaluable in protecting our emergency services and construction workers.

Ultra’s technology is self-healing; should one link in a mesh network fail, the telemetry will detect the failure and quickly identify the most effective workaround. The telemetry is designed to withstand real usage, as battery power has been maximised and power requirements minimised, resulting in reliable and cost-effective use.

At Ultra CIS, we always have the future in mind. That’s why we also offer cyber security options for key critical infrastructure telemetry, protecting operations against increasing global threats.

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