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4th year apprentice Michael Everest on his time with Ultra

11 AUGUST 2020

4th year apprentice Michael Everest on his time with Ultra

Coming to the end of his time with Ultra for now, 4th year apprentice Michael Everest recently spoke of his experiences to Engineering Trust Training (ETT), a non-profit organisation that works with individuals and organisations to support apprenticeships and training.

Michael spoke about is time with the company as an apprentice systems engineer, why he chose to join our team, and how he plans to take his experiences to further his career.

Here’s some of what Michael had to say:

‘Tell us more about your apprenticeship experience?

As part of my apprenticeship the first two years were all to do with me figuring out what type of role I would like to pursue. This involved rotating on a three-month basis between many different teams/roles within the company and trying to understand what was most suitable for me. In the third year I had figured out that I either wanted to be a Test Systems Engineer or a Systems Engineer and so I spent six months in each of these departments, basically working as an engineer for them carrying out specific tasks, attending regular meetings whilst continuously working on improving myself. During my fourth year I knew I wanted to pursue a career as a Systems Engineer and I have been working within that department for eight months now, producing vital documents for many projects.’

You can read the full article here.