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Easing the burden on front line operators through bespoke, agile C3

17 JULY 2020

Secure communication systems are an integral part of all military operations. For soldiers, having the ability to receive and relay information is critical to their safety, the safety of their teams and of those they are working to protect. Communication tools and capabilities are essential, but it’s people, not the technology, that drive mission success.

Technology can only be made effective through its proper application. It becomes the responsibility of the technology providers to deliver absolute assurance that their capabilities are effective, and that they are fit for purpose for whatever situation they can and will be deployed into. This is especially critical when soldiers are deployed into dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations.

Secure, resilient communication systems deliver the Situational Awareness and Common Operating Picture soldiers rely on to safely and successfully carry out their missions. These technologies facilitate the flow of information between the tactical edge and Command & Control (C2) so that battlefield operations can be co-ordinated and adapted depending on the situation on the ground. When designing and delivering these systems it is critical that the deployed soldier and not the technology is at the centre of the system’s architecture. This strengthens the system’s capability offering and optimises its effectiveness through delivering a bespoke solution that eliminates latency and minimises the physical and cognitive demands on the solider.

Combining communication technologies from across the USA, Canada and the UK, Ultra’s C3 system is designed to deliver an integrated, Common Operating Picture information in Near Real Time, across multiple echelons of the British Army’s hierarchy. With the ability to correlate and fuse different data types and disseminate the information across multiple bearers without adding an excessive requirement for additional equipment, the C3 system is able to deliver increased situational awareness to the tactical edge that facilitates informed decision making, without placing undue burden on operators through having to deploy, carry and manage multiple technologies and systems.