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Information security and assurance in the digital age

28 JULY 2020

In the digital age of information and the online world, it is only natural that data centres hold, manage and protect vast quantities of highly sensitive and valuable data. But with increasingly sophisticated technologies making organisations constantly vulnerable to cyber or physical attacks, what impact could this have on the security of the data they hold, on their customers and their customers’ customers when it comes to sensitive, personal data? And how can data centres take measures to ensure that they are offering the utmost assurance that the information they hold will not be compromised?

In this sector, information security is the principle concern, and it is of paramount importance that potential security breaches have been identified and that preventative measures are in place, before data is at risk of compromise.

This is where cryptographic key management comes in.

Robust and reliable cryptographic technologies offer the ultimate layer of protection for sensitive information, going far beyond the layers of security offered by mediums including software, smart cards and USB tokens. Trust and integrity are derived from the security of the underlying signing and encryption keys, meaning that the protection of these keys is critical to the security of the system.

Storing and protecting key material on a physically separate Hardware Security Module (HSM) is the only viable option to ensure the highest levels of security and protection, making the HSM a critical element in the architecture of any security system.

Ultra’s KeyperPLUS HSM is the only module to be fully certified (FW/HW) to the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 4, ensuring the highest standards of security and protection available on the market. But what does this mean?

FIPS 140-2 Level 4 is the most secure of all the 140 standards. It requires tamper detection circuits to be able to detect any device penetration, fluctuations and threats, and automatically ‘wipe’ when compromises are detected, ensuring the data they hold doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. This means that, even in instances where stringent physical and premises security measures are compromised and HSMs are removed from site, that the data they protect cannot be compromised.

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