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Protecting vital intelligence in a new era of digital warfare

17 APRIL 2020

The character of warfare in the multi-domain battlespace is changing. A new generation of hybrid warfare is blurring the boundaries between past generations of physical warfare and today’s contemporary technologies, and is reflective of the modern day dependence on or indeed near addiction to access to instantaneous data. 

‘These technologies will fundamentally reshape the character of war, if not – as some have speculated – its very nature’ – Prof Risa Brooks, USMA Westpoint.4.  (2018) War on the Rocks: Technology and future war will test US civil-military relations.

Quite a profound statement, especially given the advances in military technologies that have developed since the outbreak of World War One across platforms, weaponry and capabilities.

Data is used to best effect when the right information is communicated to those who need it, when they need it. Indeed, military operations today rely on the coordinated and integrated acquisition, processing and provision of timely, accurate, relevant, coherent and assured information and intelligence to support the successful execution of missions.

As the digital battlespace continually evolves, it becomes absolutely essential to protect the data within it and to shut down the threats posed by cyber criminals and terrorists. The implications of not doing this have the potential to go far beyond financial or commercial risk. It could threaten national security, compromise vital intelligence, and put lives at risk.

Effective military communication systems capabilities, including military grade encryption, data links, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance technologies and cryptographic key management solutions deliver an unprecedented layer of security across communication systems in any operating environment. When properly employed and managed at every touchpoint where data moves across the digital battlespace, these tools can provide the vital layer of protection that delivers optimal operational intelligence but, crucially, with minimal risk.

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