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Soldiers on the front lines can’t afford dropped connections

14 MAY 2020

When you’re operating at the sharp edge of operations, out front and in the danger zone, it’s access to reliable communications that can provide the most effective shield. Being able to send and receive critical intelligence will not only ensure operational effectiveness, it will keep our forces and platforms safe.

But what if you’re operating in a remote or challenging environment where access to reliable communication services isn’t a given? What if you’re operating in terrain that doesn’t facilitate the usual forms of communication our forces rely on? Where you don’t know whether or not you will have any ability to communicate with the command centre that could provide life-saving measures should you need them, but you have to go into the field anyway?

This is where technological innovation can help provide that layer of protection in the field, no matter where our forces are operating.

Troposcatter – short for tropospheric scatter – technology uses particles that make up the Earth's atmosphere as a reflector for radio signals. Ultra’s Troposcatter communications systems allow troops to establish a communications capability in the field of operation in areas where there is no access to a trusted source of satellite communications coverage. Providing front line operators with a secure, reliable, easily deployable capability will facilitate mission-critical communications between the field and command and control.

Ultra’s troposcatter terminal has been designed to operate in a multitude of environments, ensuring that troops conducting missions anywhere in the world have access to a reliable communications system.

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