Bringing sustainable energy to Scotland

24 JULY 2012

Kindtradwell Estate in Brora, Sutherland, is one of the most Northerly sporting estates in the UK.  It is also now one of the most sustainable, having introduced a hydropower system to provide electricity for the 50,000 acre sporting estate.

Hydropower utilises running or falling water to generate electricity and is one of the most popular and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel consumption.  It is ideally suited to remote areas with fast moving rivers, where water power can be used to deliver energy where a traditional grid system would struggle or be unavailable.

Kintradwell Estate faced a significant challenge, however, in monitoring the movement of water to ensure that sufficient power was being generated.  Wood & Douglas was able to provide robust and reliable radio communications to deliver this telemetry application to the estate.  Across this rugged area, the radios needed to have a long battery life and Wood & Douglas’ Orion range of products delivered an effective solution for the estate.