Ultra achieves milestone with First of Class install for UK MoD’s End Cryptographic Unit Replacement Programme

02 DECEMBER 2014

Ultra Electronics Communication & Integrated Systems (CIS), based in Greenford, UK, has achieved a significant milestone in the UK Ministry of Defence’s (UK MOD) End Cryptographic Unit Replacement Programme (ECU RP). Installation and integration of the first devices, BID/2510/16s, onto HMS ST ALBANS was successfully completed in Portsmouth, passing the Naval Weapon Harbour Trials, and the devices were launched into service.

The First of Class installation of the BID/2510/16 and issue of the CESG Assisted Products Service (CAPS) certificate marks a critical point in the progress of ECU RP, both in terms of providing the first replacement cryptographic product to the programme, and in confirming that Ultra’s Common Core Crypto (C3) is a sound platform on which to build secure cryptographic communications products.

Under ECU RP, Ultra is providing the UK MOD with a High Grade cryptographic capability which provides legacy compatibility and a modern communication mode in the same cryptographic device. The devices are software definable and could be compatible with future emerging requirements and provide additional interoperable modes. Utilising the C3, Ultra is providing the UK MOD with a form, fit and function replacement, enabling the deployment of the C3 in a range of cryptographic communications products to reduce installation and integration costs.

Under this programme Ultra received an initial £76m contract for the design and manufacture phase, followed by a £14m contract for the Installation and Integration (I&I) of each device on First of Class platforms.

Lt Cdr Rob McClurg, Weapons Engineering Officer, HMS ST ALBANS commented:
HMS ST ALBANS is proud to be the very first, First of Class install for ECU RP. The programme is a major step forward in future-proofing the Royal Navy fleet and protecting our most sensitive information. The Ultra team worked tirelessly to ensure the installation and integration of the new devices ran smoothly, to time, and without disruption to the ship’s activities. We look forward to working with Ultra as the programme progresses.

Mike Baptist, Managing Director, Ultra CIS commented:
ECU RP is a major programme for both Ultra, and the UK MOD. Achieving this milestone is testament to the excellent working relationships between all concerned parties, namely the Ultra project team, the MOD project team and CESG. We look forward to continuing to work together as we progress through the project and deliver more devices into service.

Shona Wright, Marketing & Communications Executive
0208 813 4672