EWST Achieves Record Orders and Moves Premises

10 DECEMBER 2012

EWST has achieved record orders and revenues in the past 2 years resulting in large additions to staff and necessitating a move to much larger premises in 2013.

John Chester-Parsons, Managing Director said "EWST has seen a significant and continuing increase in its business both in terms of orders and revenues. We now need to expand our manufacturing and test areas in particular and we have found new premises nearby that will allow us to achieve this."

He added that "the Company's success in the RSS8000 product in particular is being seen all over the world and we look forward to continuing this trend in the future. We held our second RSS8000 User Group Meeting in November 2012 which had a record attendance from our customer base and we are already planning for the next meeting in 2014."

EWST has also seen increasing business in all products and product improvements are in the pipeline for 2013. The PTS8000 Multi-Spectral Test Set now has a laser capability in final development and Chameleon-II will see significant changes in its DRFM unit and RF capabilities.