GigaSat on top of the world

30 DECEMBER 2013

Nearly 60 years after the first climb up Mount Everest, extreme sports star Valery Rozov made the world’s highest base jump at 7220 m above sea level.

Once again, Nepal Television took the GigaSat FA-180 1.8m flyaway antenna to the top of the world to film the jump with Red Bull Media.

Nepal Television Engineers Mr. Surendra Karn and Kapil Bhattarai operated the uplink whilst the photograph of the FA-180 at base camp was taken by Hari Bhandari.

The FA-180 and FA-240 (2.4m) antennas recently completed MIL-STD-810 certification and operating from Everest base camp at 5,400m is further proof of the ruggedness of the product.