Mobility is the key to combatting an ever-evolving EW threat

23 APRIL 2020

How do you ensure operators have the training they need to combat an ever-evolving EW threat, no matter where they are or what platform they are operating on? You take the training to them.

When delivering a new platform, there is often a requirement to determine its operational performance. Even once the platform is in service, it is essential that the crew maintain their operational training to stay apace with evolving threats to make sure they are always prepared to respond, particularly when the situation could pose a threat to life.

Logistically it’s never going to be practical to take most platforms to a dedicated EW range, particularly assets such as surface ships or submarines. However the need still exists for operators to be able to have easy and regular access to the extensive training they need on the systems that they use, and ones that are specifically designed to counter EW threats as they evolve. Moving physical assets and platforms is expensive and complicated, especially when there is a way to facilitate this without the many headaches that come with this sort of operation.

Having a mobile EW testing asset recreates the threats operators are facing today without actually putting personnel and platforms in harm’s way. It can be a very cost-effective training tool, ensuring operators have the training they need to carry out their missions safely, whilst also minimising the cost and logistical challenges incurred through using a fixed EW range facility.

Read more about how Ultra’s EWST teams are delivering a mobile electronic warfare capability that supports our warfighters by ensuring they have the skills and capabilities they need, whilst minimising the logistical and budgetary challenges that could impede this.