Bringing agility to C3

12 JUNE 2020

When operating in challenging, often hostile environments, agile communication could be the difference between mission failure and mission success, and even life or death. Being able to communicate the right information between command and control and the front line, at the right time and in the right way, is crucial to protecting people, platforms, intelligence and infrastructure.

A plethora of data can be generated during the course of an operation, and the situation on the ground can evolve and develop at any time. This means that soldiers on the ground need secure access to the information they need, without overwhelming them with data and potentially compromising their ability to safely carry out their missions. To do this, forces need to exploit developments in technology in the Agile Command, Control and Communication space.

The UK’s Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) has been an ongoing Army experimentation programme for the last 10 years, exploring the technologies that will push the boundaries of military capability. The programme puts a range of prototype systems to the test by placing them in real life operating scenarios, and allows the end users to give invaluable feedback to industry. Having successfully completed the initial pitch phase of AWE 2020, Ultra is now preparing to showcase its C3 capabilities to the British Army, offering the opportunity for businesses across the Ultra Group to demonstrate the capabilities of its C3 system.

Combining Ultra’s communication technologies from across the USA, Canada and the UK, the C3 system is designed to deliver an integrated, Common Operating Picture information in Near Real Time, across multiple echelons of the British Army’s hierarchy.

With the ability to correlate and fuse different data types and disseminate the information across multiple bearers (including local cellular infrastructures where available), the C3 system is able to deliver increased situational awareness to the tactical edge that will provide coalition forces with the information advantage during operations.

Through the C3 system, Ultra will not only deliver resilient communications using the most effective bearer available, but also integrate complex command and control systems to support soldiers deployed in theatre.