CIS announces initial deliveries of its new ‘DA-150 Lite’ Vehicle Mount Satellite Antenna



Ultra Electronics Communications and Integrated Systems (CIS) Gigasat business unit based in Tring, UK, has announced the first deliveries of its new ‘DA-150 Lite’ vehicle mount satellite antenna to a large Asian military customer following a successful factory acceptance in August. 

Building on the success of the DA-180 Lite and DA-200 Lite products, a new 1.5m version has been developed to meet growing demand. Government, emergency response and broadcasters increasingly require more compact and rapidly deployable solutions for higher data throughputs at X, Ku and Ka sattellite bands.

Gigasat Sales Director Gary Moore said: “The DA Lite series of vehicle mount antennas has been one of the most significant new product ranges Ultra Gigasat has developed in recent years, and the DA-150 Lite was the natural next step in our development programme. Ultra Gigasat is renowned for its investment in the engineering of new products and this successful launch highlights our capability and willingness to expand the product portfolio, with terminals that meet current and future demands from the satellite industry.”