Stopping cable theft

14 NOVEMBER 2011

Cable theft from railways is costing rail operators and the UK economy millions. Reports suggest that up to eight attempted cable thefts take place every day.  Wood & Douglas has developed Track Watch as the solution to combat this crime.

Track Watch is a feature rich remote surveillance and monitoring device capable of being covertly deployed over extended periods. When the sensors detect activity the device sends a SMS alert with a still image of the scene to the deploying agency. Track Watch records video of the activity which is time and date stamped for use as evidence.

Track Watch has been designed to be flexible in deployment, the key components can be installed remotely from the central control unit. This allows the battery pack, camera, infra red illuminator and motion sensor to be best positioned to ensure maximum effectiveness without compromising concealment.

The central control unit is simple to program. It allows the user to define the active and dormant periods and associated wake up and shut down delays. A sleep mode reduces battery consumption during periods of no activity. Should the battery begin to run low a SMS message reports this to the deploying agency.

On arrival to the site, the recorded footage can be downloaded using a Wi-Fi wireless connection to a laptop PC.