A ship accident?

A ship accident?

March 2018, Thu 15

Perhaps difficult to envisage on a vast expanse of water, shipping accidents are all too common. In 2015 alone, there were 2,687 reported shipping casualties. Particularly in the oil and gas industry, a maritime incident can be catastrophic with detrimental environmental consequences. 

The aftermath of these incidents are well documented, but there is a lesser known theme behind the cause. Reports show that almost 96% of maritime accidents are caused by human error, with the top most cited cause as fatigue. 

Still in recovery from a decrease in oil price three years ago, two thirds of the oil and gas industry is cutting staff, putting more pressure on the fewer vessels and crews that are left behind. With fewer staff and crews increasingly being placed on unfamiliar vessels, the risk of human error can only be set to increase. 

Ultra Electronics has been working with ASCO, a leading supply base operator, to limit the impact of human error by providing integrated collision avoidance monitoring, directly improving marine safety. By using multiple platform-based radar early warning systems, Ultra Surveillance and Security Systems can monitor marine traffic; protecting offshore gas installations and avoiding maritime incidents.

The invaluable data then goes on to be processed by ASCO’s control room, including master mariners who provide a 24/7 service to platform operators. If an incident occurs, the data also enables the Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels to react quickly and effectively.